What demolition Permits Do you Need at Seattle?

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Demolition of Housing

What Permits Do you Need?
You need a demolition permit to remove housing. If you plan to deconstruct housing (to reuse material) instead of demolishing it, you may be able to get a permit before your building or use permit is issued. See our residential deconstruction permit page for details.
There are rules restricting demolition of housing that do not apply to demolition of non-residential buildings. You can demolish housing only:
  • In a single-family zone, if it has not been used as rental housing within the last 12 months
  • If you have already been issued a permit for a new use or a new building at the site
  • If the housing will be relocated
  • If we issue an order declaring the property unfit to live in
You cannot demolish housing to create non-required parking. There are also limits on demolition of landmarks; consult the Department of Neighborhoods Preservation Program. You need to follow the tenant relocation rules if the building you plan to demolish has tenants.
You must meet asbestos survey requirements before you can obtain a demolition permit. Contact the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency at (206) 689-4058.

Research the Code

Read the Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) section on demolition of housing, SMC 23.40.006.