5 Steps to save money on your project demolition

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  1. Look in your local phone book- There is a section of the phone book that can direct you to local recyclers in you area by types of material to be recycled. Most materials that you will be recyling will be a charge to you, so make sure you find the best deal per ton.
  2. Put an ad on your local classifieds (like craigslist)- We offered everything from roofing tiles, windows, doors, broken concrete and more online.
  3. Hold a yard sale- You will be able to reach buyers that aren't as computer savy and have ready cash in hand.
    Save Money
  4. Pull out all your electrical wire and copper piping- A local salvage yard will pay you for these items. Just make sure to seperate the materials before you go.  For everything else you need to dump, just call your local garbage company to arrange a garbage bin to be delivered to your dumpsite. It helps make clean up easier, plus it will motivate you to fill it up!
  5. Once you get your house down to a shell, consider hiring a professional grader to tear down and recyle the concrete and lumber from your project.
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Tips & Warnings
  • Always make sure to wear protective helmets, eyewear, shoes and gloves before beginning your demolishion project.
  • Be careful if you go onto the roof to remove materials and attach a safety harness to prevent falling.
  • Watch children carefully in the construction site.