Demolition Procedure

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Pre- Demolition

  1. Disconnect all services, power, gas, water etc.
  2. Locate stormwater and sewer drains and seal at points of discharge.
  3. Protect adjoining property as required by the building surveyor.
  4. provide temporary bracing and shoring where required.
Demolition Begins
  1. Remove loose or attached fittings and built in fixtures, internally and externally.
  2. Remove external wall cladding, attached chimneys, outbuildings and lean to structures.
  3. Remove internal linings.
Part 1
  1. Make sure building is adequately braced during the removal of cladding.
  2. Remove plumbing anf electrical wires and pipes.
  3. Remove roof covering and restraining and loose materials to avoid possibility of material beongs airbone.
Part 2
  1. Remove roof structure and provide temporary bracing and shoring as required.
  2. Remove wall panel or farming and provide temporary bracing and shoring required.
  3. Remove floor structure.
  4. Remove footings.
Part 3
  1. Clean up site.
  2. Fill in excavations.
  3. Check for any hazards
  4. Clean site entry points and infrastructure where necessary.
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