What is Excavation?

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The excavation is the process of moving earth, rock or other materials with proper tools and equipment, explosives were also used in some occasions. The excavation has important applications including exploration, environmental restoration, mining, construction and demolition. Including the construction is one of the most common applications for excavation.

In DCI Demolition, how does the process?

Before the excavation process can begin, the site should be carefully examined to ensure that the natural habitat and artifacts that surround it are persevered in any excavation. Then they plan for the size and depth of the site and make excavation company draws pictures of them to clearly mark the boundaries of the excavation site. Once you have taken these two important steps, excavation work can begin. All the excavation process includes:

establishing benchmarks corner
the topography of the ground and upper levels
excavation depth approved
dress the loose soil
doing to cut level
the construction of wells and trenches dehydration interconnection
making the building limits
construction of levees and drains
When building excavation used?

Who conducts the digging?

Excavation construction requires experience, skill and attention to detail. In DCI Demolition  we deal with large structures and cremos the basis for the entire project.
We use advanced techniques, tools and heavy to ensure that the job is well done machinery. Hiring a contractor to complete heavy industry large excavation projects best results will be obtained. DCI you to choose the best option Demolition ised in the market for companies in the industry and in the state of Washignton.
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